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David Levy
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The Corporate Digest
March 2018
Dear David,

Which are you?
Thinkers and Doers
In a recent article Stanford Payne alluded to two types of people – thinkers and doers. Which one are you?

Some generalized definitions would say that thinkers are more open to new ideas and are constantly thinking outside the box. They look for ways to improve or change the way that things are done. However, in many instances, they don’t have the courage to make those changes. Often, they do not live up to their potential because fear keeps them from converting their thoughts into actions.

Doers on the other hand, get things done. Although they don’t like change, they take their chances and move forward. However, they can get distracted and end up moving in a different direction to that which was originally intended.

If a business only had thinkers, it would resemble a research lab or think tank. In contrast, if it only had doers, the business would eventually close because it would never change or create any new offerings for its customers.

So as is obvious, businesses need both thinkers and doers.

How does one become both a visual thinker and a reflective doer at the same time?

Make sure your thinking is more concrete and real. And your doing more reflective. Your doing will develop your sensitivity so that you will go beyond thinking or talking.

This leads to a formula that Payne proposes of
Great Success = mind of the thinker sanitized_by_modx& #43 the courage of a doer

He suggests a way of getting the necessary courage and being able to think at the same time:

Step 1: Do a typical SWOT analysis (Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats).

Step 2: Identify from the results your thinker and doer realities.

Step 3: Decide on specific goals of where you want your thinker and doer person to be.

Step 4: Set a date by which to achieve those goals.

Step 5: Develop a strategy and plan to allow you to reach those goals.

Step 6: Get someone (perhaps a business coach or friend) to help you master those goals and to keep you accountable.

Step 7: Challenge yourself.

Step 8: Celebrate your victory.

Payne also gives pointers for becoming a better thinker and doer;
-     ask ‘why’ and ‘when’ more than you have previously;
-     truly consider alternate points of view and challenge your natural bias;
-     find time for moments of insight and allow yourself to daydream for more creativity;
-     think about thinking;
-     follow the Nike slogan and “Just Do It’.

Perhaps most importantly, after you determine where you more naturally lie, surround yourself with people predisposed to the other aspect.

Surround yourself with great doers and thinkers and copy their actions and successes.

Be the best thinker and the best doer because the result makes the difference between the average person and the exceptional success.
David Levy works with companies utilizing his business improvement strategies to improve their effectiveness and maximize their profitability. He works with owners and helps with the tough decisions and helps businesses, and their people, grow. 

He can be reached at 858-453-3778.

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