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The Corporate Digest
Dear David,
A few ideas for you, on two diverse subjects.
Advisory Boards

Advisory board members can be proud promoters of your business.
Jacqueline Taylor of the University of Houston advocates that all businesses can benefit from having an advisory board, particularly smaller businesses.
Most people consider it an honor serving on an advisory board and want to tell people about it, raising your company's visibility and providing free marketing.  Your board members will also introduce you to their circles of influence.
Most small businesses do not have a large management team, yet their owners still need to be able to brainstorm ideas and strategies with others who have more than a passing knowledge of their business issues.  A board that meets regularly and gets to know you and your business can provide valuable insight and advice.
Not only can its members help you stay current on trends, they can also act as devil's advocate when they think you may be heading in the wrong direction.
A key ingredient is to expend sufficient effort to pick the right mix of people for your board.  Not only the right mix, the appropriate skills too.  This may be in the direction of filling any gaps in the skills you have on your management team. Or it may be by targeting specific members who have expertise in the areas you are looking to drive your business towards.  Or you may choose to set your board up with experienced generalists.
You might look to customers and vendors who have a vested interest in helping you expand.  Also, consider retired executives who have the expertise you need.  You may have fewer conflicts of interest with them.
Many boards meet once a quarter and compensate their board members to show their appreciation for their effort and expertise.
However you fill it, a board with three or four well-chosen individuals should be optimal.

The selection of the board is the first step.  The next step is to be sure to invest sufficient time in planning your board meetings.  Solicit agenda items from your board members and be sure to give them enough material prior to each meeting so that they arrive equipped to discuss the important issues at hand.

Social DNA Part II

In the first part of Social DNA we looked at four basic personality types.  In this article, we look at the second focus of Social DNA, perception.
People have different perceptions because of their paradigms.  A paradigm is a pattern or map for understanding and explaining certain aspects of reality.  Every day we have people with different maps coming to the same office, facing the same reality but because of their maps, they interpret that reality differently.
Paradigms are formed by past experiences.  We all grow up differently, even if we come from the same culture.  We must become aware of the perceptions of others who interact with us.  Again, the first step is an awareness of our own perceptions and with what paradigm we are living and how that will affect our behavior.  We all have a distorted sense of reality and, therefore, we need to understand our own perceptions.  This will lead to a greater respect and understanding for the perceptions of those with whom we interact.
We need to expect the Social DNA of each individual that we work or socialize with to be different, some more different than others.  Become aware of the differences as soon as possible and adapt to each specific personality and each specific perception.
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