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Dear David,

In 2009 I published two articles that provided some ideas for using your computers more efficiently. For the previous articles, click here - Tech Tips and Tech Tips II.


It's time to add a few more tips for 2014, the motivation for which I received from PC Magazine at

More Tech Tips

1. Use Ctrl F to Search in a Document or on a Web Page

Whenever you want to search for something such as a word or name, hit Ctrl F and a search window appears. Type the word you want and you will be taken to the first occurrence of the word. 

In most instances, there is a Next button which you can hit (or simply hit Enter) and you will be taken to the subsequent places where the word appears.

2. Quickest way to Launch Programs or Applications

Many people will go to the icon on their desktop and click it. 

But there are quicker ways.

Either hit the Icon in the Taskbar. If you don't have the icon on your Taskbar, right click the program name or icon elsewhere and select 'Pin this to the Taskbar'.

The other way is to go to Run in Windows 7 or to the Search icon in Windows 8 and start typing the program name. A selection of options will appear and hit the one you want.


3. Find/Replace

If you use a boilerplate document, or a template, it's no longer necessary to scroll through the document to make sure that you have changed an existing name to a new name in all the places, and then be concerned that you might have missed one.

You can hit Ctrl H to get to the popup.


Using the Replace tool in Word allows you to place the "old" name in Find and the "new" name in Replace. You can either change one at a time by hitting Replace or Replace All to change them all.

4. Correct Spelling Errors with a Right Click

Many people know that the red squiggly underline in Word means that a word is spelled incorrectly and they know how to correct it.

Not everyone knows that many of those same techniques exist in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Just right-click if you see that red line in Gmail, Facebook or similar sites and you get options for the correction.

5. Search from your Browser

Do you know that it is not necessary to type to be able to do a search? 

In your browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) you can type your search detail directly and it will return results. 

In most browsers you can select your default search engine such as Google or Yahoo which will operate from your browser bar.

6. Type-Ahead Suggestions

Coupled with the information above, is the ability to take advantage of type-ahead suggestions that your search offers.

If you only look at the keyboard to see what it is you are typing, you'll miss some of the suggestions that will allow you to select an entry long before you have completed typing.

If you type "Where is the", you'll see the type of type-ahead suggestions that your browser will offer - some more relevant than others.

7. Dragging out a Tab

Have you ever been on a web conference and you saw a screen from the presenter that they wish they hadn't shown?

That's what dragging out a tab is for. If you have several tabs open in your browser, one of which contains your presentation, you can click on that one tab and drag it out. 

It will become its own window. You can enlarge the window and you now have a much safer situation for the conference scenario.

You can do this with multiple tabs by merely using the Shift or Ctrl keys and clicking on the tabs.

8. Add site: to Specific Searches

If you remember you had seen something interesting but can't remember the details but knew that you had seen it on a specific site, you can add "site:" to the beginning of the search and you will only get results from that site.

For example, if you had read in Harvard Business Review about Google selling their engineers on management and want to find the article, you can type " engineers management" and you will get search results only from

9. Get to your Downloads Quickly

Often you've downloaded a program but it does not default to open and start installing and you cannot find the downloaded file.

To easily access these downloaded files, hit Ctrl J and you will see them.

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