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David Levy
Principal - Consult Levy
The Corporate Digest

November 2023

Dear David,

Leadership is paramount to the success of any organization, be it a business, sports team, not-for-profit and any other you can imagine.

However, meanings and understandings of what leadership is, varies from person to person.

Eric Partaker, himself a CEO coach, shares 12 hard-hitting points that he believes have relevance today – how do you feel?

Enjoy this short read, with some ideas perhaps harsher than we would like.

12 wake-up calls every leader needs to hear:

1. If your team's failing, look into the mirror. You're the problem.

2. If you can't handle criticism, you're not fit to lead.

3. Your title makes you a manager; your people make you a leader.

Don't confuse the two.

4. Don't preach teamwork and then play favorites. Hypocrisy kills culture.

5. Stop micromanaging. If you don't trust your team, why should they trust you?

6. If you're not developing your team, you're diminishing them.

Step up or step aside.

7. If your team's afraid to speak up, you've already failed as a leader.

8. If you're not accountable, you're not credible.

Own your mistakes.

9. Don't just set the pace; set the standard.

Excellence is contagious.

10. Your team doesn't work for you. You work for them. Serve to lead.

11. If your actions don't inspire, your words won't. Lead by example.

12. A leader takes the blame and shares the fame. No exceptions.

Leadership is earned, not given. Earn it every day.

David Levy works with companies utilizing his business improvement strategies to maximize their profitability and improve their effectiveness. He works with owners and helps businesses, and their people, grow. 

He can be reached at 858-453-3778.

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