David Levy

Why Consult Levy?

We offer full service business solutions by an expert with proven success


CEO Sounding Board

It can be lonely at the top. Our broad-based experience allows us to be there for the CEO when they need a confidant. Key personnel issues, liquidity events, financial crunches, we're there for them.

Financial Consulting

We work with very successful companies to help determine the alternatives available and we assist in assessing those alternatives.

We also work with organizations who face difficult financial situations.

Executive Financial Review

We work with CEO's or executives of their choice to help them understand their financial statements. We also make sure they have the information they need.


It is comforting to know that we rely on your advice and wisdom.

Everyone is thrilled with the takeaways

I was really impressed with how well you kept everyone engaged and on track.

Contact Details

8230 Caminito Sonoma, Suite 102
La Jolla, CA 92037-1601
858.453.3778 763.322.2505 dlevy@ConsultLevy.com

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