With our broad-based business experience, we offer our services in a variety of areas.

Included in our services are:

We work with the people who do the work. They help us understand their roadblocks. We take their input, put it together with our experience and come up with new efficiencies.

We counsel those who have climbed the corporate ladder who now have new responsibilities and obligations.

Or, we help guide the manager who is new to the organization. What is appropriate behavior in a specific circumstance? How do I best build my team?

We spend a few days with the key people in your organization and come back to the senior executives with ideas for improving efficiencies, reducing costs and becoming more profitable.

We help solve so many of those technology problems.

So often we are able to help by interpreting tech speak for business people, and business language for the more technical participants.

We work with very successful companies to help determine the alternatives available and we assist in assessing those alternatives.

We also work with organizations who face difficult financial situations.

A perfect opportunity has presented itself to you. But, is it so perfect? We help you evaluate the transaction, from a financial and human perspective.

It can be lonely at the top. Our broad-based experience allows us to be there for the CEO when they need a confidant. Key personnel issues, liquidity events, financial crunches, we're there for them.

We work with CEO's or executives of their choice to help them understand their financial statements. We also make sure they have the information they need.

The CEO often needs someone outside the organization who can help assess the strategic direction for both the CEO and the organization. We are that partner they seek.

A company has many assets. We assist in evaluating how to maximize their use.

Are you using them to their maximum potential? Or do they have a potential?

We are part of the core framework of some of our clients. We're part of their advisory team.

Our regular meetings, as part of an advisory group, with the senior executives allows us to accomplish our singular purpose; we're there for the betterment of the company.

Often we go into an organization and hear the response, "Because we've always done it that way."

We help reevaluate systems to maximize efficiencies. We cannot always reduce headcount however we strive to do more with less.

Is everyone in the organization on the same page? Can everyone state the short-term and long-term goals of the organization?

We facilitate the development of a strategic plan and ensure that each group's goals cascade with those of the entire organization.

The prevailing wisdom is that many of our technology systems become obsolete every eighteen months.

We help evaluate your current structure and how you are using your technology. A proper evaluation often extends a system's life, rather than determining that replacement is the only solution.

Whether or not we are involved in helping assess the need for your new system, we can help you seek out the appropriate providers. It is our role in the evaluation of these providers that is so vital.

An important aspect of these types of projects that is often overlooked is the need for the project to deliver on time and on budget - one of our specialties.

During these tight financial times we help bring an objective light to your staffing needs.

Now may not be the time to let someone go who you'll need when things improve. We help you make that assessment.

Now may be the time to introduce a budget process that you've always put off. Who is going to set the numbers? Do they understand budgeting? We can bridge that gap. Whether you're new to the process or want to expand and improve it; we can help.

Now we've got the management team receiving the data that they need. What are they doing with it? Do they understand it? Can we push it down in the organization? We assist in the process.

Essentially an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a retirement benefit plan that allows a company to be run for the benefit of the employees, but not necessarily by the employees.

The tax benefits for a seller to an ESOP are significant. Is it right for you? We've made the decisions and implemented them before, including securing the financing.

We have some unique methods of obtaining truly competitive proposals and evaluating the alternatives. With the increases you are seeing in health benefit costs, can you afford not to use all the resources at your disposal?

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